Bouchon Winery is situated in the famous California wine producing region of Sonoma County. Since the establishment of the winery in the 1930’s, our seasoned winemaker selects and blends grapes exclusively from the most reputable vineyards of California. From the time-honored traditions and methods of the past, he creates only the finest blends of California wines for the wine enthusiasts around the world. Bouchon wines can now be enjoyed throughout Asia. As the grapes arrive at the winery during each harvest, the Bouchon winemaker selects those of exceptional quality and monitor their development as they mature, retasting until he has identified the barrels which express the finest style of California wines. Only these merit being called “Bouchon Superior Reserve”. Offer this rich, full-bodied and express the character of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chardonnay. Bouchon Winery is owned by Pan Magna Group. Produced and bottled by Domaine Saint George Winery.