Veuve Devienne



Winegrowing in France is most often a family operation in vineyards and winery, frequently continuing for several generations. Veuve Devienne (“the Widow Devienne”) gave her family name to a traditional sparkling wine – a classic Rosé cuvee – after many years of growing white grapes for the production of premium table wines. When requests were received for rose?, she answered with a fine, dark pink cuvee. Although much of the family history has been lost over time, the sparkling wine has remained true to its origins: a rigorous selection of grapes; slow secondary fermentation (while those delightful bubbles are created); and bottling in a traditional style.



 Light pink with fine bubbles.  Aromatic on the nose with hints of strawberry and citrus. Refreshing and clean on the palate with vibrant entry and soft finish; fruit-driven hints of berries and lemon.  The wine is a blend of Gamay, Cabernet Franc and Pineau d’Aunis.


Light yellow, pale gold with very fine bubbles, fresh on the nose, with floral notes.  Rich and full on the palate – an extended finish of fruity notes, showing a clean minerality and citrus.  The wine is a blend of Chenin, Arbois, Chardonnay and Ugni Blanc.