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StonewoodCellarsLogoStonewood Cellars makes it easy to enjoy good wines everyday!  No vintages to worry about, just America’s favorite varietals at their flavor peak. Pour a glass or two tonight and savor the rich aromas and ripe fruit avors that make Stonewood friendly for your palate, your favorite foods and your budget!

750ml and 1.5L


This crisp, refreshing Pinot Grigio is light bodied with delicate oral aromas and white peach and citrus avors. Serve well chilled.


Classic raspberry and cherry avors and aromas with a smooth, clean-nish. Enjoy with chicken, turkey and ham.


This Moscato has elegant avors and distinct oral aromas – it’s idealfor sipping or with lighter foods and appetizers. Serve chilled.


Crisp, bright avors with a touch of grapefruit and lime followed by a dry -nish. Serve chilled with seafood, especially oysters.


Medium bodied and deeply colored with berry and black currant avors and a hint of oak. Pour with red meats and spicy foods.


Smoothly textured with ripe cherry avors and a touch of oak, with Pinot Noir and Sangiovese to add complexity and depth. A good match for a wide range of foods, including red pastas, beef and pork.


Citrus scents and crisp pineapple and pear avors are followed by a dry, refreshing -nish. Serve before meals or with chicken, salmon and sushi/sashimi, but be prepared to open another bottle!


Cherry/black currant aromas and avors -ll this easy to enjoy Cabernet, which is enhanced with Petite Sirah and Cabernet Franc. Serve with roasted or grilled beef, game, stews and mild or assertive cheeses.


A dryer, refreshing blush wine with rich berry avors and aromas. Serve well chilled before meals and with picnics, BBQ, salads and snacks. It’s also an ideal choice with soy seasoned or spicy foods.


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